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Departure hotel at 09:30 to visit Botanical Garden, Curepipe City + Shopping in Curepipe City, Mare aux Vacoas, Alexandra Falls + Visit Plaine Champagne ( Black River Gorges ), Chamarel 7 colors Earth ( Waterfalls ).


The Curepipe Botanic Garden is home to a wide variety of indigenous exotic plants, as well as other species that have been brought from different regions in and around Mauritius and cultivated here. There’s no better way to spend a quiet afternoon than to take a walk through the lush green foliage of the gardens, letting nature’s peace and tranquillity take over you.


The town of Curepipe is the second biggest town in Mauritius after Port-Louis, with a population nearing 100,000 habitants. This beautiful town, nicknamed the city of lights, will conquer your hearts both during daytime and at night. From colonial relics to nice restaurants to beautiful gardens, Curepipe has much to offer visitors.

With cooler temperatures compared with coastal regions you will feel a lot more at ease in this part of the island. Due to its elevated position on the plateaus in the centre of the island, in Plaines-Wilhems, Curepipe offers some relief from the heat of the coastal areas and sunny beaches.

Climate in Curepipe:

The climate of Curepipe is renowned for its humidity and gloomy weather though at times the sun does shine very brightly. In Curepipe, the wet season (December-April) is warm, oppressive, and partly cloudy; the dry season (April-November) is comfortable and mostly clear; and it is windy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 17 °C to 27 °C and is rarely below 14 °C or above 28 °C.

Shopping in Curepipe:

Curepipe remains one of the most famous towns for shopping. In the surroundings of Curepipe, you will come across many duty free shops specialized in different types of goods like Ship Models Shops, Adamas Jewellery and Cashmere & Pashmina clothing.

The town of Floreal situated next to Curepipe offers a selection of local handicrafts workshops and factory shops, such as the wool factory, a model boats workshop, a diamond cutting workshop and more. Many of the boutiques and factory shops in Floreal offer a vast range of products.

You will be able to purchase at competitive prices handmade crafts, watches, paintings, top designer garments and many more, all directly from the manufactures.


Next destination to Mare Aux Vacoas was the Alexandra falls towards the deeper south. Alexandra falls is a part of the Black River gorges national park. The journey from Mare Aux Vacoas is really beautiful. Along the way, you can see small guava trees which are native to Mauritius.

Our driver told us that in the right season, people make jam, pickle, and chutney out of these guavas. To reach Alexandra falls, we had to leave the main road and cross a small but very beautiful papyrus forest. It is really beautiful. You also get a very nice view of the falls from the viewpoint. There is also a hiking trail to the falls. But you should practice caution when it has rained recently if you are planning to hike. From the viewpoint, you can also see the sea, remote towns, and forests.


Black River Gorges national park viewpoint is one of the most mesmerizing places in the Mauritius. Its name starts with “Black” because the river is situated so deep in the valley that from the top it looks dark or you can see black.

The view from the viewpoint lets you see the far stretches of the black river gorges spread across miles. There is also a waterfall which you can see from a distance. There are also hiking trails. If you love hiking, you should also try that.


This was the next waterfall after we left Black River Gorges national park viewpoint. This lies on the way from Black River Gorges national park viewpoint to Chamarel, Just before the Chamarel – Seven colored earth. Situated on Riviere du cap, this is one of the highest waterfalls in Mauritius. There are two viewpoints to this waterfall. Both of them are worth viewing. These cascades fall from around 300 feet in height.


Chamarel Seven Colored earth is situated just ahead of the Chamarel waterfalls. This was the first place where we had to pay entry tickets. Rest of the places are accessible without any entry fee. Chamarel seven colored earth is as mesmerizing as seeing the marine life for the first time in life.

It is said that the earth which is formed here is made out of the volcanic eruptions. After the volcanic eruptions, the different part of the earth got cooled down at a different temperature. On top of that, because of different metallic composition, it is said to show a different color.

There is also a tortoise park in the corner. Do not miss that. If you want to buy something as a souvenir from Chamarel, buy rum or sample of seven colored earth from there for your friends. There is a souvenir shop and there is a lot to choose from there.


Chamarel viewpoint lies next to the Chamarel on the way to Le Morne. This viewpoint is situated at a height and from there you get a clear view of the Le Morne beach and Île aux Benitiers island. Just behind the island, there is something crystal rock. You can also go there as a part of the catamaran tour in the south.


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